• christmas menus 

    Beetroot pot                                                        € 5,90

    with crisp fried Goose and potatoes

    Wildbrat sausage                                            € 10,90
    with bacon cabbage and mashed potatoes

    Goose saws and hearts                                 € 12,90

    in parsley sauce and mashed potatoes


    Fried goose liver                                              € 17,90

    in balsamicojus with mashed Potatoes

    ½ Bauernente "Weltlaterne"                         € 19,50
    apple red cabbage, dumplings

    Venison goulash                                                    € 17,90 

    with mushrooms, apple red cabbageand spaetzle

    Now the best for you: 

    We only fry whole geese, just so
    The taste is fully developed.

    Crispy goose roasts fresh from the oven                          € 23,00
    Goose sauce, optionally red or green cabbage, potatoes or dumplings 

    Baked apple dessert in glass with marzipan praline     € 4,90
    Vanilla ice cream in cinnamon mousse (with alcohol)

    Homemade ginger liquor  2 cl      €   3,00       

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    Christmas menus
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